Behavior of Galvanized Steel in Tropical Marine Environment

These tests indicate that bare galvanizing is not the most adequate coating for a high-chloride-content environment and high RH, especially with high wind speeds that slowly erode the galvanized steel.

CarWell Use on Metals

From cooling tower chassis and components, vehicles, landscape equipment, air conditioning systems, metal structures, shipping containers, wrought iron fences, garage door mechanisms, weapons, duct works, steel doors and frames, process plant equipment, external radiators, battery boxes, chassis, interior door, fold, weld seam areas and to locks CarWell is the right choice for the job of fighting corrosion.

Coatings Adhesion Test

Proper applications of coatings will result in longer performance and better surface protection where coatings have been used. Use of a wet film thickness gauge or comb makes translation of what has been applied easy to understand and you can then calculate what happens to dry film thickness by review of product technical sheet.

Causes of Corrosion in Concrete

Reinforcement in new concrete is generally protected from corrosion due to the high alkaline nature of the concrete itself. The high pH of the concrete (usually greater than 12.5) causes a passive oxide film to form on the steel. Environmental factors can affect this protective oxide film and induce the formation of corrosion cells. Once corrosion starts, some parts of the reinforcement become anodic, discharging iron ions (current) into the electric cell. 

Corrosion Inhibitor Types for Concrete

Anodic - Cathodic - Mixed - Which is best for harsh tropical island environments? 

Cortec MCI® 

Cortec MCI® Chemistry

Find out why and how Cortec MCI® works 

Salt Contamination

Salt Away excellent for removing chlorides and providing corrosion protection