MCI®-2020 - Surface Applied Corrosion Inhibitor

Product Description 

MCI®-2020 is a surface applied, migrating corrosion inhibitor designed to penetrate 

through cementitious materials including concrete, mortar, and limestone. MCI®-2020 migrates in both liquid and vapor (gas) phases through the pore structure, forming a protective, molecular layer on embedded reinforcement. MCI®-2020 provides corrosion protection against carbonation, chlorides, and other contaminants. MCI®-2020 V/O is a high viscosity version of MCI®-2020 which is specifically designed for vertical and overhead applications.

How it works
MCI®-2020/MCI®-2020 V/O are organic corrosion inhibitors. They are considered ambiodic (mixed) inhibitors which means they protect both anodic and cathodic areas within a corrosion cell. MCI®-2020/MCI®-2020 V/O contain a synergistic blend of amino-alcohols and salts of carboxylic acids which form a protective layer on embedded reinforcement delaying the onset of corrosion as well as reducing existing corrosion rates.

Where to Use

• Preventative maintenance of existing reinforced, precast, prestressed, post- tensioned or marine industrial floors exposed to aggressive environments (chemicals, deicing salts, carbonation, atmospheric attack) • Parking garages • Concrete piers, dams, offshore platforms, piles, pillars, pipes, utility poles, and cooling towers • Concrete potable water structures • As a component of Cortec’s High Performance Repair System™ (HPRS®) • Made in USA


MCI-2020/MCI-2020 V/O offer engineers, owners, contractors, DOTs, and other government agencies a time proven, corrosion inhibiting technology that will extend the service life of their reinforced concrete structures. • Protects against corrosion caused by carbonation, chlorides, and other aggressive contaminants • Effectively reduces corrosion rates on metals with existing corrosion • ANSI/NSF Standard 61 Approval for structures containing potable water • Water based and non-flammable • Does not etch, stain, discolor, or otherwise harm glass, metals, or automotive paint • Does not contain calcium nitrite • Does not contain wax • Does not require removal of sound concrete • Allows vapor diffusion (not a vapor barrier) • Easily applied by spray, brush, or roller • Minimal curing time, traffic may resume minutes after application if necessary (dry to touch) • Migrates independent of orientation (horizontal, vertical, overhead)

• Migrates up to 3 inches in 30 days • Proven performance in both lab and field testing • MCI-2020 V/O available for vertical and overhead surfaces

Case Histories
Local Projects utilizing Cortec® MCI®-2020

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