Care and Cleaning Trifold

Storage, Care and Cleaning of Firearms in one brochure. We help consumer decide what works best for them, while pointing out the differences of each product and what one can expect.

Care and Storage

Care and Cleaning Overview - You choose the method for storage, care and cleaning of firearms.

Cleaning in the field

Bullfrog Gun Wipes are a handy way for care and cleaning firearms in the field while leaving a long lasting Vapor Phase corrosion inhibiting (VpCI) protective barrier for storage.

Cleaning Weapons

Thin film - CarWell CP90/Rust Cop

Medium Film - Bullfrog Lubricant solutions for care and cleaning of firearms in tropical island environments. 

Storage in Safe

Bullfrog Emitters protect everything metal, including firearms in an enclosed space against corrosion activity for one full + year of storage. Add this Emitter to your care and cleaning program.

Corrosion free films

 Storage of Firearms—Cortec VpCI Rust Preventative Gun Sleeves and Bags 

Firearms Care and Cleaning

Trifold-cleaning and storage of firearms (pdf)


Overview Care and Cleaning of Firearms (pdf)


Firearms Cleaning Gun Wipes (pdf)


Cleaning of Firearms -CarWell-Bullfrog (pdf)


Storage of Firearms (pdf)


VpCI Gun Sleeves and Bags (pdf)